Do you have an idea that could help makers in our city? Do you know someone that does? Have you ever wanted to create a communal space for makers? Have you found creative ways for sourcing materials and want to share that with your fellow makers? Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, we have the thing for you!

Made By is teaming up with EPIcenter to bring a CO.STARTERS cohort together! What is CO.STARTERS, you ask? CO.STARTERS is a group-based program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the process, relationships, and tools needed to turn ideas into action and turn a passion into a sustainable and thriving endeavor. Throughout the program, participants are equipped with business canvases, inspiring stories, customer discovery tools, relationship building exercises, accounting help and more! By the end of the term, this group will be ready to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. 

This CO.STARTERS adventure is geared specifically towards entrepreneurs supporting the maker community here in Memphis. We’ve already got some folks signed up who have incredible business ideas—you don’t want to miss out! 

The sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30PM and Saturdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM.
The schedule for the cohort is:


To learn a little bit more about CO.STARTERS you can visit their website. If you're curious about it and want to discuss your idea with someone, email us at and we'll set up a meeting!

The cost for this incredible business incubation curriculum is just $250! Imagine that—move your idea into a plan to get your business off the ground in weeks! The best part is you’ll have access to the experts and will benefit from the entire EPIcenter entrepreneurial network. Are you convinced this is the thing for you or someone you know? Then register for the cohort here or forward this email to a friend!


Artisans, makers and crafts-people belong to a 21st-century movement that is creating economic change. They make up a growing share of people working in non-traditional areas who are skilled problem-solvers and adopters often leveraging new technology to advance their craft. As micro-entrepreneurs, they represent an opportunity to reinvigorate the Memphis economy in a new direction. As artisans, they enrich our cultural identity across the city.

Made By is an initiative to grow maker businesses and build community around them as part of a larger effort to support creative entrepreneurs in Memphis & Shelby County.

We believe that makers are vital to our city's identity and must be respected, cultivated, and celebrated.

Small batch, product-based entrepreneurs are competitive in cities such as Brooklyn, Portland and San Francisco and seemingly less so here in Memphis. Made By is a pioneering effort to understand the motivations and challenges of makers, artisans and micro-manufacturers in Memphis and Shelby County.